Membership Requirements:

  1.  Age – 16 or older
  2. Minimum requirement – to have completed Level/Grade 9 Certificate (both Practical and Theoretical) with a recognized conservatory (RCM,CC,VCM or similar)
  3. Future goals – include achieving full membership in the BCRMTA
  4. Currently studying (minimum 6 lessons per year with a member of BCRMTA, or enrolled in a college or university program (or another Provincial RMT association in Canada) in the practical teaching subject OR theoretical subjects required for membership in BCRMTA
  5. An STA member must upgrade with an exam every 3 years.
  6. Complete a Performers Diploma from a Conservatory or a University Degree within 7 years OR complete a Pedagogy Diploma from a Conservatory within 10 years.
  7. For STA members who have exceptional personal or medical reasons for not upgrading every 3 years, one must annually (by February 28th) complete an STA Certificate of Professional Development application form which can be found online.
  8. The Registrar and the Provincial STA committee will be responsible for managing the STA Certificate of Professional Development
  9. Effective March 1, 2018, after 5 years as a member of the STA, the STA provincial rate will be increased to the same rate as paid by RMT's with extensions possible on an individual basis.


Student Teacher Auxiliary (STA) Members receive:

  • a Certificate confirming coverage under the $5 million Group Liability Insurance Policy (covering all teaching activities)
  • a Membership card (useful for teacher discounts)
  • a receipt for income tax purposes
  • a subscription (3 issues per year) to Progressions (BCRMTA provincial magazine) STA members may subscribe to the CFMTA national magazine The Canadian Music Teacher for a cost of $20/year. Contact the BCRMTA Registrar.


STA Policies:

  • Website Listing – STA members are not listed on the BCRMTA Provincial Website but may be listed on their Branch website identified as Student Teacher Auxiliary member
  • STA cannot hold office at Branch or Provincial level
  • The sponsoring teacher shall ensure that all STA requirements are met
  • Fees paid annually, due by February 28th. Late renewals subject to a $25 fee.

There are ten branches which have Student Teacher Auxiliary members - Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Coquitlam / Maple Ridge, Mid-Island, Nelson, North Island, South Fraser, Trail / Castlegar, Vancouver / Burnaby and Victoria.

Online Application Form  - for new STA
Online Renewal Form - for current STA
Download Mail in Renewal Form - for current STA

Information for STA Certificate of Professional Development
Certificate of Professional Development - Application Form