The BCRMTA operates under the by-laws for the Association as set up according to the provisions of the Music Teachers (Registered) Act (RSBC 1996) Chapter 237, passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia in 2010.


  • to promote and maintain high standards of teaching amongst our members and to foster music excellence in our students

    •  to encourage participation of all members as each is part of the whole; the strength of the Association lies with the individuals and what they have to offer

    •  to promote interbranch relations: through the Association, teachers are linked Provincially through individual branches and Nationally through the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Association (CFMTA)


  • applies only to the subject(s) for which the teacher is currently registered
  • to be used only by members in good standing


  • for official business only, as sanctioned by the branch executive


  • questions regarding Provincial Council business should be addressed to the Provincial Council executive directly, or through the branch delegate(s)
  • members are responsible for keeping informed about business conducted by the Provincial Council and the CFMTA as reported by the delegates



Teachers are encouraged to compose and distribute a studio policy statement. It is recommended that the following be included:

  • registration fees and procedures
  • fee schedule and payment options
  • options for missed lessons
  • permanent withdrawal from lessons
  • expectations regarding practising, festival and exam participation, recitals and workshops
  • book purchasing and lending policy
  • planned holiday time
  • parent and sibling attendance at lessons
  • media release option for student and parent/guardian



to the Association

    • attend branch meetings
    • participate in branch events
    • attend Provincial Council sponsored events
    • attend CFMTA sponsored events
    • stand for office at the Branch, Provincial or National level

to the community

    • maintain a professional standard of teaching
    • promote musical education
    • encourage public participation and awareness in musical event: recitals, festivals, concerts, workshops, Canada Music Week events, Young Artists Competitions and composition competitions

to each other - Treat all members with respect, with the understanding that:

    • it is unethical to criticize the work of another teacher
    • it is unethical to recruit students who are studying with another teacher
    • in the case of a student who is transferring, both teachers should be involved and should interact with professionalism

to the parent/guardian

    • maintain and distribute an up-to-date studio policy statement
    • regularly share information regarding student‘s progress
    • regularly share information on performance opportunities
    • maintain communication regarding the student
    • maintain an accurate record of lesson attendance
    • receive permission before posting information, pictures, videos of the student

to the student

    • keep lesson time exclusively for musical education
    • be regular and punctual
    • keep interruptions, cancellations and/or changes of lesson time to a minimum
    • provide and encourage performance opportunities such as recitals, festivals, master classes, workshops and examinations
    • interact in an ethical and respectful manner

The BCRMTA supports the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law, prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or age. Section 15 (1)


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Updated December 2023