The Chilliwack Branch has been active since the mid-1940’s and is proud of the long tradition of working together to provide our community with teachers who are committed to the promotion and maintenance of high standards of teaching and of fostering music excellence in our students. We strive to teach music in a way that inspires people of all ages to embrace the pleasure which music brings to our lives and support the many ways music enhances our community. Our members live and teach in the communities of Agassiz, Chilliwack, Hope, Promontory, Rosedale, Ryder Lake and Sardis.  

Calendar of Events 

Monthly meetings are held at Chilliwack Cultural Center in the Music Lab on the 2nd Wednesday of each month 9:30 to 11:30 am
  Contact Information: Debra Krol
  Referrals: Tabea Hall
  Membership: Sherrie Van Akker
  Provincial Council Contact: Colleen Denoni
  For more information and for a listing of Musical Events in our community go to our web-site
Teachers are listed alphabetically by the discipline in which they are registered with the BCRMTA. Most of the following teachers also teach theoretical subjects.
  • Only current and active members are listed
  • Do NOT contact any member with unsolicited services or offers
Sandra Bower 604-363-2808
Yi Tyng (Tina) Wang 604-300-5380
French Horn / Recorder
Sarka Kvicinska 604-798-2378
Sandra Bower 604-363-2808
Sharie Atley 604-316-4274
Marlene Carr 604-557-3328
Colleen Denoni 604-768-5089
Brenda Di Rezze 604-794-3974
Joyce Dyck 604-819-7567
Kathleen Feenstra
Karin Fehlauer 604-378-9989 
Tabea Hall 604-799-9178
Celeste-tina Hernandez 778-808-1830
Shirley Isaac 604-795-5612
Debra Krol 604-791-7749
Teng Mackay 604-792-5377
Bobbie-Anne McFee 604-490-0027
Jennifer McGregor 604-491-5584
Christine Millar 604-702-0049
Lynda Mundstock 604-792-3981
Nita Pelletier 604-795-2767
Carol Riediger 604-799-2418
Irmi Teichrob 604-858-2330
Sherrie Van Akker 604-847-9915
Lois Voth 604-795-4750
Yi Tyng (Tina) Wang 604-300-5380
Theory - Professional Theory Instructor
Jennifer McGregor 604-491-5584
Marlene Carr 604-557-3328
Laurie Hirschman 604-858-3147
Samantha Taylor
Lisa Zimmer 604-316-1693
Karin Fehlauer 604-378-9989 
David Voth 604-795-6435