1. Proof of age and/or citizenship does not need to be submitted, but the Board of Examiners reserves the right to request such documentation as part of the approval procedure.

2. The BCRMTA offers registration in the disciplines (teaching subjects) listed below. For registration in more than one teaching subject.
Performance documentation must be provided for each one.

Brass instruments* Harpsichord/Clavichord Piano – Classical Viola
Composition Harp Piano – Jazz Violoncello
Conducting Organ Tabla (Indian drum) Double Bass
Guitar/Lute – Classical Percussion Ukulele Voice
Guitar – Contemporary Professional Theory Instructor** Violin Woodwind instruments*


* for brass and woodwind include the name of the instrument(s)
** the designation of Professional Theory Instructor is open to applicants who are applying with advanced studies in theory and/or musicology as qualifications. The designation can also be received by meeting the criteria listed on the website under 'Programs', 'Programs for Teachers'.
*** if you wish to be registered in a discipline other than one listed here, your application will be reviewed by the Board of Examiners on an individual basis.

3. The designation 'RMT' may only be used in connection with the 'registered discipline(s)' of the member as recorded on the official Roster of the Association. If a member teaches other non-registered disciplines, the RMT designation may not appear in any advertising or printed materials which list these disciplines.

4. The BCRMTA Membership Certificate is the property of the association and must be returned on request. If a member decides to resign his/her membership, the certificate is returned to the Registrar until such time as a reinstatement of membership takes place by request of the member. During a period of resignation, no membership fees are payable, but a reinstatement fee is charged when the membership is reactivated. Accepted members are not required to present their credentials again for a reinstatement of membership.

5. Documentation – Degrees and Diplomas

  • If the degree or diploma was earned at a Canadian, French, American or United Kingdom music school, conservatory, university or like institution, applicants are required to submit a scan or photograph of the degree or diploma earned. If the credentials are based on a degree or diploma earned over twenty years ago, additional documentation may sometimes be required.
  • If a degree or diploma was earned at an institution in a country not listed above, additional documentation is required by the Board of Examiners.
    • a scan of the degree or diploma, with translation if applicable
    • a scan of the official transcript from the institution , with translation if applicable
    • a list of repertoire in the discipline being applied for which was the applicant's highest level of study and performance – i.e. a graduation recital program or if this is not available, a list written by the applicant
  • Please note that documentation written in a language other than English or French must be professionally translated. These documents may be a photocopy of a previously notarized translation.
  • Please DO NOT send originals of diplomas and degrees as the association cannot be responsible for returning them.
  • In the case of an applicant who has completed all requirements but has not yet received an actual diploma from the institution, a confirming letter or transcript from the institution will be acceptable.

6. Teaching Experience Documentation

This can consist of any of the following. Please submit as many items as possible from this list.

  • A written statement by the applicant describing the number of years of private teaching, the number of students, programs taught etc.
  • A written recommendation from a current member of BCRMTA familiar with the applicant's work
  • Evidence of pedagogical study leading to a teaching degree or diploma
  • Copies of students' results in examinations and festivals and/or copies of Student Recital programs
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant's teacher
  • A letter of reference from a parent of a student
  • Employment contracts
    ◦ Description of classroom teaching experience - as the BCRMTA is an association of private music teachers, the emphasis is placed on the teaching of individual students. However, applicants should include a record of classroom teaching experience as this will be considered in the application.

7. Once the application has been accepted, a new member is sent a Membership Certificate, an official receipt, a membership card and an insurance certificate.

8. If an application is not approved, the association retains the non-refundable registration fee and returns the Provincial and Branch fees to the applicant. If the applicant upgrades and re-applies within two years, the registration fee will not be charged a second time.

9. Theoretical Courses and Specialty Course

  • Qualified members of the BCRMTA may teach and advertise individual theoretical courses within
    their Branch. Specialty courses (Suzuki violin, Kelly Kirby Piano, Music for Young Children etc.) may also be advertised within the Branch. There is no Provincial Registration for these courses and they will not appear on the BCRMTA Provincial Website teacher listings. Each branch decides their own policy regarding listings.

10. The BCRMTA belongs to the Canadian Federation of Music Teacher Associations (CFMTA) together with nine other provinces and one territory in Canada. Membership in the BCRMTA automatically includes being a part of this Canada-wide association.

11. BCRMTA members receive with their membership – Progressions (provincial magazine) which publishes 4 editons a year Winter - Spring - Fall (available in Digital and/or Paper) - A Year in Review (only available in Digital).

12. BCRMTA members receive with their membership – The Canadian Music Teacher (national magazine) which publishes 4 editions a year Winter - Spring - Fall (available in Digital, Paper with an additional fee) - A Year in Review (only available in Digital).