BCRMTA offeres registration in the following disciplines (teaching subjects) listed below.

Brass instruments* Harpsichord/Clavichord Piano – Classical Viola
Composition Harp Piano – Jazz Violoncello
Conducting Organ Tabla (Indian drum) Double Bass
Guitar/Lute – Classical Percussion Ukulele Voice
Guitar – Contemporary Professional Theory Instructor** Violin Woodwind instruments*


* When applying as a teacher of brass or woodwind instruments, please state the instrument on the application form.
If registering in more than one discipline, documentation specific to each discipline must be provided.

** For information on Professional Theory instructor - check the website under “Programs” programs for teachers.
If you wish to be registered in a discipline not listed above, your application will be reviewed by the BCRMTA Board of Examiners.

  • Members may use the “RMT” designation only for the discipline(s) in which they are registered. If a member teaches an instrument or subject for which they are not registered, they may not use the RMT designation in any print or advertising material which references these disciplines.


  • Theory Courses, Specialty Courses
    • Members may teach and advertise theory and specialty courses (Suzuki, Kelly Kirby Pian, Music for Young Children) within their branch, but these listings will not appear on the provincial registry.
    • Each Branch decides their own policy regarding listings.


  • The BCRMTA Certificate is the property of the Association and must be returned if a member resigns. If a member rejoins, a re-instatement fee will be charged to reactivate the membership.


Academic Documentation

  • If the diploma or degree is from a Canadian, French, American, or UK school or university, applicants are asked to send a scan of the diploma.
  • If the diploma or degree is more than 20 years old, further information may be required.
  • If a degree or diploma if from an institution in a country not listed above, the following additional documentation is required by the Board of Examiners:
    • a scan of the certificate with translation if applicable.
    • a scan of the transcript listing courses taken and final marks.
    • a list of repertoire in the discipline being applied for: recital programs etc.
  • Please send scanned documents in PDF format - JPEG’s, GIF’s etc. will not be accepted.

Documentation of Teaching Experience

  • Proof of teaching experience can include:
    • A statement by the applicant describing the number of years of teaching, the number of students, subjects taught, etc. Although BCRMTA is an association of private music teachers, it is helpful to have any record of an applicant’s classroom teaching experience.
    • Evidence of pedagogical study leading to a teaching degree or diploma.
    • Copies of students results in examinations and festivals.
    • Copies of recital programs.
    • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s teacher.
    • A letter of reference from the parent of a student.
    • Employments contracts from a music school(s).

Processing the Application

  • Please read the on-line application form and follow the instructions carefully - Click here
  • Upon acceptance, the new member will receive a membership certificate, a receipt, and a membership card by mail.
  • Applicants who do not meet the requirements for membership will receive notice by email. Please note, the application fee is nonrefundable.  Applicants who upgrade their qualifications and reapply within two years will not be charged a second application fee.