Richmond, a beautiful island city located in the southwest corner of mainland BC, (the healthiest place to live in Canada!), is home to the 100 members of the BCRMTA-Richmond Branch. Our Branch, established in 1971, reflects the diversity of the city in language, culture and musical interests and is the geographic centre for our members who live throughout the Lower Mainland. The Richmond Branch actively promotes music in the community by assisting in the sponsorship of the Pacific Piano Competition and by hosting over 20 yearly recitals. In addition, our students can be heard performing at a variety of events and festivals throughout the Lower Mainland. During the year, the Branch awards certificates, trophies and scholarships to students in the woodwind, string, voice and piano disciplines and also recognizes students who volunteer their musical skills for community service. The Branch members meet during the year to participate in workshops, masterclasses and presentations by guest clinicians. We welcome requests. Parents inquiring about a teacher for their children, adults wishing to pursue their musical goals, music specialists seeking a professional organization, all are invited to contact us.

Email to
Telephone 604-275-3285 or contact a teacher directly.

  • Most of the following teachers also teach theoretical subjects.
  • Only current and active members are listed
  • Do NOT contact any member with unsolicited services or offers
  • Websites submitted by members are listed as a courtesy. BCRMTA is not responsible for the contents of the websites listed.
President: Victoria Warfield 604.275.3285
Past-President:  Mimi Ho 604.837.7233
1st Vice President:
2nd Vice President:
Treasurer: Lin Lin Qin 604.716.0477
Secretary:  Sin Yu Tsang 778.513.0760
Provincial Delegates: Gloria Cristobal, Queenie Yang
Members at Large: Lillian Chan, Grace Hoff, Ildiko Skeldon
Referrals:  Gloria Cristobal 604.319.0588
Katharine Li 778.882.2131
Memberships: Lois Kerr 604.274.1980
Dunja Bohinc 604.779.1229
Karen Mofakham 604.612.1792
Mariya Mazur Udovenko 778.846.2710
Arline Witrisna 604.782.2117
Gary Ka Lai Wong 672.513.8592
Emma Yang 604.315.2595
Jacqueline Cheung 236.996.9810
Joni Chung Yee Leung
Kelly Chang Shu 778.668.5332
Sin Yu Tsang 778.513.0760
Gloria Yu 778.908.0099
Iris Hwang
Classical Guitar
Galina Jitlina 604.241.3964
Galina Jitlina 604.241.3964
Michael Chen 604.781.1513
Lillian Chan 604.325.4376
Marie Chan 604.231.9908
Michael Chen 604.781.1513
Dorothy Lau 604.272.0826
Katharine Li 778.882.2131
Victoria Moiseyeva 604.761.3009
Joanne Sakumoto Chan
Ildiko Skeldon 604.710.8891
Sandra Tong 604-272-6632
Gordon Yu 778.680.2883
Stephen Robb
Victoria Warfield 604.275.3285
Rebecca Chan 604.783.3135
Chee Hwa Chiang
Gloria Cristobal 604.319.0588
Jeanette Dyck
Grace Hoff 604.644.2865
Xiao Li 778.836.3988
Shu Fung Ng 778.858.7428
Angela Wai 604.218.2122
Victoria Warfield 604.275.3285
Kitty Yeung 604.275.9351
Bo (Bonnie) Zhang 778.522.1226
Diya Zhong
Professional Theory Instructor
Michael Morse 604.241.8834
Kitty Yeung 604.275.9351
Stephen Robb
Tina Wang
Queenie Wenhui Yang 778.991.0389
Jazz Piano
Peter Friesen
Mary Jo Carrabre 204.720.7366
Vivian WY Chan 604.803.1261
Joan Chow 778.883.3353
Robert Dyck 604.270.6414
Jia Feng
Meggie Hu 604.837.9088
Olga Ioutskevitch 604.275.5699
Lois Kerr 604.274.1980
Yuan Kong 778.858.3950
Shirley Lam
Amelia Sau Man Lau 778.683.2820
Betty Lee 604.889.9813
Donna Lee
Jonathan Li 604.351.9069
Linlin Qin 604.716.0477
Fiona Tsang 604.303.9587
Queenie Wenhui Yang 778.991.0389
Winnie LiWen Yang 604.763.8967
Yuhui Wang 778.929.4909
Vivien Wong
Jennie Chen 778.238.1886
Melanie Hau 604.789.2011
Janet Ho 604.839.8538
Mimi Ho 604.837.7233
Jason Hui 604.619.5656
Florence Ip 604.771.2755
Jing Lai 778.929.4885
Prudence Leung 604.618.6216
Rowena Silver Bridson 604.763.8716
Victoria Smus 604.241.9543
Cindy Yee 604.726.1611
Professional Theory Instructor
Jennie Chen 778.238.1886
Jason Hui 604.619.5656
Rowena Silver Bridson 604.763.8716
Bo Peng 604.617.1867
Christine Wing Yan Chan 604.760.6308
Vivian Pui Hin Chan 778.288.6783
Betty Feng 778.997.4183
Tyler Fleming 778.855.4029
Colleen Finlay 778.836.2401
Ting-I Huang 778.999.3431
Sue Yeh Shih Huang 604.221.7585
Irena Koprivica
Andrew Warriner
Tina Wong 778.895.6833
Ivy Yau
Sharon Yau
Amy Yen 604.767.9227
Rachel Zong 604.767.1830
Christine Wing Yan Chan 604.760.6308
Sijia (Jessica) Huang 604.445.0928
Doris Lin
Tianhao Wang 204.995.7909
Wen Wang
Violin / Viola
Angela Luchkow 604.948.9990
Tianhao Wang 204.995.7909
Joslin Romphf Dennis