Calendar of Events:

Canada Music Week Recital - November

Joint and Individual Teachers Recitals throughout the year

Music Festival: February - March

Workshops and Masterclasses throughout the year

Contact, Referral and Membership: Marjorie Close  250-542-8028

Teachers are listed alphabetically by the discipline in which they are registered with the BCRMTA.

  • Most of the following teachers also teach theoretical subjects.
  • Only current and active members are listed.
  • Do NOT contact any member with unsolicited services or offers
Amy Wangler 250-833-6254
Professional Theory Instructor
Amy Wangler  250-833-6254 
Heather Patton
Jean Ethridge
Wendy Collins 250-832-8399 https://www.facebook,com/Wendy-Collins-Music-Studio-104290857830586
Jean Ethridge
Jane Hein
David Izik-Dzurko
Carmen Moore
Carmen Stoney
Carol Schlosar 250-836-4934
Piano - Jazz
Angela Sommer 250-305-4784
Geoffrey Barker
Kathy Bartel 604-763-2151
Marjorie Close 250-542-8118
Lucy Feldman 250-542-1859
Karen Elizabeth Goebel 250-545-6609
Emerald Holt 250-549-2154
Terry Logan
Heather Koss-Huisman 778-480-6317
Lisa Parsons 250-558-4670
Daisy Penner
Karen Rempel 250-309-7477
Marlene Schweb 250-546-9046
Angela Sommer 250-305-4784
Carol Stromberg
Malinda Sunderland 250-549-0318
Melissa Sutherland 250-306-8765
Lyn Taron
Julie Wyse 250-308-4709
Kenneth Stromberg
Teresa Logan
Angela Sommer 250-305-4784
Charity Van Gameren