The Abbotsford Branch includes the communities of Abbotsford, Clearbrook and Clayburn. Founded in 1971, the branch now includes 18 teachers. The disciplines they teach include piano, violin, organ and theoretical subjects.

Calendar of Events

  • May Music Festival
  • Canada Music Week Recital
  • Monthly Performance Classes
  • Workshops throughout the year
  • Meetings - First Friday of Every Month
Membership Information: Dina Pollock (President)
  • Most of the following teachers also teach theoretical subjects.
  • Only current and active members are listed
  • Do NOT contact any member with unsolicited services or offers
Diane Petkau 604-852-9123
Stacy Cole
Brenda Cottrill 778-345-7834
Marilyn Herrett 778-242-5393
Joyce Janzen 604-859-1502
Sook-Ja Lee 604-852-5981
Adele Lofgren 604-746-3003
Dina Pollock 604-614-3298
Leona Porth 604-859-1695
Hilda Reimer 604-859-9058
Lillian Rogalsky
Jean Ritter 604-302-3847
Dr. Betty Suderman
Ewa Telega 604-755-4471
Debbie Nagy 604-308-9513
Dr. Calvin Dyck 604-551-8041
Beth Nickel 604-897-4346
Julia Toews
Dr. Calvin Dyck 604-551-8041
Beth Nickel 604-897-4346