Student Teacher Auxiliary


Student Teacher Auxiliary – Renewal for Current Members (up to and including 5 years of membership)

Provincial Fees $ 92 (branch fees to be added after choosing branch listed below)

  • BCRMTA Dues $ 32
  • Liability Insurance $ 60

STA members may only advertise themselves as a member of the Student Teacher Auxiliary of the BC Registered Music Teachers’ Association (BCRMTA)


The STA Certificate of Professional Development must be filled out each year if:

  • your most recent exam was taken more than 3 years ago AND
  • you have exceptional personal or medical reasons for an inablility to upgrade



Date of most recent exam taken – Name/Type of exam


Highest Certificate achieved Practical

Highest Certificate achieved Theoretical

Name of Sponsoring Teacher and Branch in which they are a member

Please note – Teacher will be contacted for confirmation.

Years of teaching experience

Branch Fees *

After February 15 a late fee of $50 will be added to renewals