Secretary Position Description

The current Secretary is leaving her position in April 2023 and the Provincial Council has struck a Sub-Committee to seek a new Secretary from within our current membership. Interested candidates are asked to submit a letter outlining their qualifications and provide a sample of Minutes, if possible. Letters recommendation and/or references are requested.

Please send applications to:  Mimi Ho, President of BCRMTA at

Deadline for application:  December 1, 2022

The Secretary’s job includes:

  • Arranging Provincial Council Meetings whether in-person or via Zoom
  • Taking Minutes for the Provincial Council and Executive Board Meetings
  • Presenting a correspondence report at each meeting
  • Responding to correspondence or forwarding correspondence to the appropriate person in the organization
  • Keeping a database of BCRMTA Branch executives (Presidents, secretaries, treasurers and delegates)
  • Contacting conservatories with regard to potential Pedagogy Award Candidates

The Secretary is required to attend all Executive and Provincial Council meetings held in April and September of each year. An understanding of Roberts Rules is an asset.

The Secretary must own a computer (currently Windows operating system) and printer that connects to the computer. Colour printing is an asset, but not absolutely required. The physical storage space currently required for the Secretary supplies comprises one banker’s box.  The records are kept in Microsoft Office programs (Word, & Excel).

Computer skills required:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Ease with Microsoft Excel
  • Ease with or be able to learn how to use Mailchimp for mass emailing
  • Familiarity with Google Drive, Docs and Forms

A complete description of the Secretary’s duties can be found in the BCRMTA Policies and Procedures.

The term of office is two years, renewable for a further two years (in April, in odd-numbered years.) While there is no specific requirement for a certain number of years, it is expected that the Secretary would remain in place for at least three elections.

The compensation for this position is an Honorarium of $2,700 per annum, plus an annual stipend of $200 for the use of the Secretary's personal computer, printer and office materials. The hours of office time for this position are approximately 192 per year or 3 hours a week.

The Sub-committee will consider all applications received by the deadline and will recommend a new Secretary to the Provincial Council prior to the April 2023 Annual General Meeting.


From the 2022 Policies and Procedures Manual 

General Description 

The Secretary shall maintain records, attend to and respond to correspondence, organize and attend all Executive Board and Provincial Council meetings 


The Secretary shall: 

  1. Respond to or redirect any phone, email or mail enquiries 
  2. Respond to “Contact Us” inquiries or refer to the appropriate person in BCRMTA to handle the inquiry
  3. Have custody of the BCRMTA Act, the Bylaws, the Policies and Procedures Manual, and the Conference Handbook
  4. Contact major Canadian conservatories as directed by the Executive to determine the winners of the BCRMTA Pedagogy Award
  5. Forward the names of each submitted Pedagogy Award candidate to the Registrar
  6. Receive information and forms from Committee Chairs for disbursement to Delegates, Presidents and Executive Board Members
  7. Make arrangements for the Executive Board and Provincial Council meetings, including hotel, meeting room, luncheon and setting up of equipment
  8. Type the agenda and disburse all relevant materials for Provincial Council meetings to members of the Executive Board, Provincial Delegates, and Branch Presidents at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting
  9. Type the agenda and disburse all relevant materials for the Executive Board meetings to the members of the Executive Board at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting
  10. Format and circulate all minutes and reports to members of the Executive Board, Provincial Delegates, Branch Presidents, and provincial members
  11. Send out the Nomination Package to Delegates and Committee chairs as necessary
  12. Receive copies of nominations in writing or by email which have been signed by both the Nominee and the Nominator, by the Closing Date of March 1 or as otherwise specified as set forth in the Notice of Election
  13. Provide ballots for the elections unless positions are filled by acclamation
  14. Pick up and purchase office supplies
  15. Hold office for one term of two (2) years, with re-ratification possible for further two (2) year terms.