BCRMTA - CFMTA Student Composer Competition 2018

Please send your students’ composition and SIGNED entry form to our PROVINCIAL Coordinator (not the National Coordinator).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the CMW Coordinator Sonia Hauser at:

  1. Each entry must be composed by the named entrant, and written out or computer-generated by the entrant, except that Preparatory and Division A entries may be copied out by others if needed. Entries must be neat and legible in ink, computer print or photocopy (faxes or e-mails are not acceptable). Please keep a copy of each entered work.
  2. The bars in the composition should be numbered so that the adjudicator can easily refer to various parts of the composition.
  3. Any composition longer than four pages long should be accompanied with a performance of the composition on CD.
  4. The entrant must be of stated age as of June 1, 2018 and be a student of a BCRMTA member in good standing.
  5. The entrants name must appear on each entry or its title page. The measure number starting each line, tempo and dynamic markings, and other appropriate details should be included.
  6. Entrants may submit one or more works, and enter both sections of Preparatory, Division A or B if desired, but must keep to a single age division. Entrants moving after April 1 must notify the Composition Coordinator in writing.
  7. Any multi - movement entry will be charged per movement.
  8. Entries must be received by April 1, 2018
    Please remember - any entries received after this date will not be accepted A completed entry form and the correct provincial fee must accompany each piece entered. Please include a high resolution jpeg photo and short five line bio of yourself.
  9. Each entry will receive a written adjudication. Entries will not be returned, but will be placed in the BCRMTA archives. BCRMTA will forward First Place-winning works to the National Finals and pay the entry fees.
  10. In each division (and section of Preparatory, Divisions A and B), provincial First, Second,and/or Honourable Mention(s) may be given. National awards are First Place only. All decisions are final. Award cheques must be cashed within thirty days of receipt.
  11. BCRMTA and CFMTA reserve the right to use a winning work for publicity. All other rights remain with the entrant.

The results will be sent to the submitting teacher after June 1st, 2018.

To view past winners from the BC Student Composer Competition - Please visit the archive site