The name of this discipline has been changed from Theory Specialist to Professional Theory Instructor.

To qualify as a teacher of this discipline a teacher must:
• have a degree in Theoretical Study
• fulfill the following criteria:

1. Must teach all theories and all levels
  • Level 8 Theory
  • Level 9 Harmony or Level 9 Keyboard Harmony
  • Level 10 Harmony and Counterpoint or Level 10 Keyboard Harmony
  • ARCT Harmony and Counterpoint or ARCT Keyboard Harmony
  • ARCT Analysis
  • Level 9, 10, ARCT History
  • Or the equivalent theories in another system.
2. Must have a minimum of 4 years of experience in teaching all levels of theory
3. Must have had a minimum of
  • Five students in Level 8 who have achieved success
  • Three students in each other level who have achieved success (each subject in each level)
4. Should produce letters of recommendation
  • Two from colleagues
  • Three from students or parents of students
  • To apply to be listed as a Professional Theory Instructor, please fill out the following form:
    • 1. List students in each level of theory shown
    • 2. The year they took the exam
    • 3. The mark achieved as well as whether you have documentation to support the submission.

Please also submit two letters of reference and recommendation from colleagues and three letters of reference and recommendation from students, former students or parents of students.

** Please download the form, fill it out, save it on your computer and send it to the Registrar Joyce Janzen