In September 2022, the BCRMTA executive was asked by a member to review the requirements for a teacher to be listed as a Professional Pedagogy Instructor. The Board of Examiners was contacted by the Registrar to revise and update the pedagogy instructor designation. After careful deliberation, the Board of examiners drafted the following guidelines which were approved at the BCRMTA general meeting on April 23, 2023.

To qualify as a Professional Pedagogy Instructor, a teacher must meet the requirements for membership in BCRMTA:

• A performance degree (BMus or MMus) or performers diploma (ARCT or equivalent) with four years of teaching experience


• A Teacher’s degree or diploma (BMus, MMus or ARCT in Pedagogy).

In addition, the teacher must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Teach all levels of pedagogy
  2. Teach both Viva Voce and requirements for the written portions of the RCM pedagogy course (or the equivalent theories in another system).
  3. Have four or more years of pedagogy teaching experience
  4. Provide student records: minimum of three students who have achieved success at each level: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced for a total of nine student records.
  5. Provide two letters of recommendation from colleagues
  6. Provide two letters of recommendation from pedagogy students

** Please download the form, fill it out, save it on your computer and send it to the Registrar Joyce Janzen