A Professional Development Bursary/Grant is available to assist branches with less than 40 members to conduct ongoing professional development. This fund is for programs that benefit the branch - masterclasses, workshops, clinicians, videos etc.

An eligible branch may apply every two years for an amount up to $300.

The deadline for application is February 01 of each fiscal year. (i.e. For the fiscal year of March 01, 2019 – February 28, 2020; the deadline for application would be February 01, 2020.) Application for the grant and approval of the same must take place before the event to qualify for the bursary.

Following the event, the branch which put on the event will submit a written report  on the form provided (by mail or email) - with photos if possible so that the information may be shared with other branches who are considering future projects. The bursary cheque will be sent after the report is received.

Online Application Form

Liz Munro