Amount of Subsidy:  $300.00 per branch

This Subsidy is available to all branches of BCRMTA regardless of size.
This Subsidy program is separate from the Professional Development Grant/Bursary available to branches with 40 members or less.


  • Applications for the Branch Continuing Education Project must be received BEFORE the event being applied for.  A decision on the application will take place before the event.
  • The event must be complete prior to February 28, 2025.
  • The $300.00 subsidy is in addition to any Professional Development Bursary/Grant already approved/being applied for the 2024/25 (March 1 - February 28) fiscal year. The Subsidy may be added on to the Bursary or used for a separate event.
  • Following completion of the approved event, reports and photos (if possible) should be sent to Elizabeth Munro –