To encourage students to take their music out into the community.

Students of any age or level of music study, studying with a B. C. Registered Music Teacher.

1. To give students recognition for sharing their music and encouraging a practical use for their musical education.
2. To take students out of the private music studio and their home and into the musical community.
3. To give students a greater awareness of how their music can be used throughout their lives.
4. To give a student a goal to strive for regardless of musical capabilities.

1. When assisting or playing at a concert or church service, the entire duration of the concert or service can be counted.
2. If one hour or more of travel time is involved to get to an event, the travel time may be included
3. Rehearsal time for the community service concert/event as well as performance time can be counted.
4. NO tangible recompense can be received for the volunteer activity – this includes no school credit, no payment, no gift cards, etc.

Musical volunteering ideas are not to be judged and might include:
1. Playing music at care homes, hospitals, or to shut-ins.
2. Taking a senior citizen to a concert.
3. Helping with musical programs in churches.
4. Helping with extracurricular music programs at schools.
5. Assisting a music therapist.
6. As a piano accompanist for singer (s) or instrumentalists.
7. Helping with various tasks at music festivals.
8. Assisting at concerts with creating or distributing programs, staging, lighting, setting out chairs etc.
9. Providing music at a senior citizen luncheon.
10. Playing at a studio recital which is open to the general public. The entire recital time may be counted.

BRONZE CERTIFICATE: requires 10 hours
SILVER CERTIFICATE: 10 hours from Bronze Certificate plus 25 hours =35 hours
GOLD CERTIFICATE: 35 hours from Silver Certificate plus 25 hours = 60 hours
Please count time in quarter hours (.25, .5, .75) rather than in minutes.

The Musical Community Service Awards are cumulative and do not have a time limit. Hours can be accumulated over several years if so desired.

A special thank you to the Victoria Branch for presenting this submission to the Provincial Council.

Individual teachers will be responsible for circulating the Record Sheets to students and forwarding the completed forms to the address below.

Click HERE for the Music Community Service Award PDF and the form will load up in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

You may print the form from this page and mail/email to:

BCRMTA Registrar,
#128 PO Box 8000
Abbotsford, B. C. V2S 6H1

Certificates are issued twice a year following the BC Council meeting.  Deadlines for submission are: OCTOBER 1 and MAY 1