What is a Registered Music Teacher?

B.C. Registered Music Teachers have been governed by an Act of the British Columbia Legislature since 1947. 

Members hold diplomas or degrees in specific teaching subjects. These criteria ensure a high level of education and a commitment to the profession. Only those who are provincially registered teachers are authorized to use the RMT (Registered Music Teachers) designation.

A Registered Music Teacher (RMT) is a member of the Provincial and National Association (Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations) of over 3,300 members across Canada.

Why study with a Registered Music Teacher?

(1)  Assurance of knowledgeable, competent and qualified instruction

(2)  Progressive ideas on music teaching

(3) Ongoing professional workshops and development programs

(4)  Scholarship and competition opportunities

(5) Performance opportunities for students at:

  • Music Festivals
  • Examinations
  • Public and Studio Recitals
  • Workshops and Master Classes
  • Canada Music Week Celebrations
  • National, Provincial and Local competitions

BCRMTA teachers have chosen music education as a career and are dedicated to the educational, cultural and artistic development of their students.

Whether you are a beginner, training for a career in music, or studying for pleasure,
there is a BC Registered Music Teacher for you.