The North Shore Branch includes members from North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler. We enjoy an enthusiastic and growing membership of 90 teachers. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month and follow with a workshop. Annual events include our Christmas Lunch, Lucille Little Memorial Scholarship Recital, Canada Music Week and the North Shore Music Festival. Our branch is committed to ongoing professional development, creating a network of supportive colleagues and providing educational opportunities for music students.


Kelly Nobles (co-president)
Stanislava Deltcheva (co-president)

North Vancouver: Diana Marr

West Vancouver: Diane Sanford

Membership: Diane Sanford

Calendar of Events: TBA


Teachers are listed alphabetically by the discipline in which they are registered with the BCRMTA. Most of the following teachers also teach theoretical subjects.
  • Only current and active members are listed
  • Do NOT contact any member with unsolicited services or offers


East of Seymour River
Aline Banno
Brennan Chan 604-910-2880 
Anne Frame 604-924-1126 
Sonja Koruga
Iwona Maj 604-924-0743
Diana Marr 604-929-1592
Kelly Nobles 604-929-4016
Lynn Valley
Valerie Cook 604-988-9313
Susan Evans 604-984-7197
Paige Freeborn 604-760-4762
Cate Innish 604-349-4688
Kajin Lee
Tae Maeda
Tanis Mitchell 
Yumi McLaughlin 604-355-8059
Natalya Mykhaylova 778-881-7557
Nicholas Rada 604-813-1067
Lorraine Toljanich 604-904-7594
Chin Fang Yang
Upper Lonsdale / Delbrook
Celine Cassis 604-874-6984
Dr. Nathalie Froud
Marcia Meyer 604-986-2826  
Siiri Rebane 604-990-9922
Lower Londsdale
Julienne Frenette 780-935-4451
Galina Martyniouk
JoAnn Primeau 604-987-8556
Young Hae Son-Na 778-986-5214
Serah Strandberg 604-992-3081
Donna Symons 604-807-9716
Raul Velasco 604-807-9761
Pemberton Heights and Below
Leslie Anne Harland 604-922-5266
Sylvia Pagdin 604-913-2933
Capilano Highlands
Dr. Carolyn Finlay
Patricia Holme 604-985-6472
Dr. Boris Konovolov 604-231-7308
Ildiko Markus 604-980-5422
Alison Roberts
Karyn Schmidt 604-980-6336
Stanislava Deltcheva 778-881-0329
Linda Falls 604-987-1133
Natasha Little 604-736-3162
Youliana Tichelova 604-338-6104
Ambleside / Dundarave
Zubin Daruwala 604-805-9865
Sandra Duke
Jerri Mercer 604-600-5552
Haruko Ogawa 604-281-0543
Dr. Annabelle Paetsch 604-339-2031
Patti Richardson
Elisa Rolston 604-913-0305
Nick Sergienko 604-710-0937
Tatiana Tymoshenko 778-386-9683
Dianne Warren 604-921-8971
Sharon West
British Properities
Yuka Mikami 778-848-7350
Alexander Pechenyuk 604-219-0098
Ji Jeong Riew
Gwennie Siu 778-929-0723
West of Westmount
Ralph Markham 604-921-8125 
Diane Sanford 604-785-6503
Other Areas
Sharon Makarenko 604-896-1958
Ju Dee Ang 604-445-8675
Nancy DiNovo 604-988-2614
Adrian Dyck 604-760-4754
Aurora Felde 604-926-5106
Barbara Irschick 604-985-1457
Denise Killick 604-985-6604
Masako Matsumoto 604-988-2907
Dr. Hey Woun Hyun 778-835-2098
Bo Peng 604-617-1867
GUITAR - Classical and Contemporary
Tony Chotem 604-980-4336
Alison Hunter 604-932-2979
Kelly Nobles 604-929-4016
Elisa Rolston 604-913-0305
Youliana Tichelova 604-338-6104
Ildiko Markus 604-980-5422
Dennis Tymoshenko 778-712-1974
Dennis Tymoshenko 778-712-1974
THEORY - Professional Theory Instructor
Susan Evans 604-984-7197
Paige Freeborn 604-760-4762
Dr. Nathalie Froud
Patricia Holme 604-985-6472
Alexander Pechenyuk 604-219-0098
Paige Freeborn 604-760-4762
Susan Evans 604-984-7197
Alexander Pechenyuk 604-219-0098
Marcia Meyer 604-986-2826  
Siiri Rebane 604-990-0022